An Easy Way to Make Sugar Cookies

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Mmmm. Sugar cookies. A Christmas tradition and oh so yummy. Who doesn’t love sugar cookies?

But not everyone loves making them. Baking can be a messy and time consuming task, and let’s face it, not all of us have the baking gene automatically bred inside of us. Sure, you can go buy a tube of dough at your grocery store, but we all know that they never taste as good as the homemade stuff.

Well don’t lose hope cookie aficionados. You can still get your cookie on and thanks to Youtuber Chowhound, today we’re going to learn a quick and easy way to make our own tasty little Christmastime treats.

Source: Chowhound

My taste buds are tingling already. Now that you know how easy is is, go ahead and try to make a batch of your own delicious cookies and don’t forget to make some extras to give away as gifts.